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Default Re: When will Romosexual get replaced?

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Now that the smoke has cleared a little many aren't blaming Romo...DALLAS WAS DEAD LAST IN RUSHING THIS YEAR

Always the excuses... They weren't even DEAD LAST CAPITAL LETTERZZZZ!!!1!!11! Arizona was. You know another team that was near the bottom in rushing? Atlanta and they finished 13-3. Hmmm, guess you can't praise Murray as a superhero RB. Wait, let me guess if he was healthy all year, then he would have rushed for over 2,000 yards?

we also had a defense that was completely shredded with injuries...

Yeah, Dallas was the only team that had injuries. No other team in the NFL had injuries. Only Dallas.

we were basically asking Romo to do EVERTHING which we can't do, the guy needs help.

So, where were Witten, Murray, Bryant and Austin? You're really reaching for some lameass excuse here.

Also the idea that there is some magic force that changes him in "big moments" is just silly...for one he HAS won games in big moments...he has been clutch in PLENTY of high pressure situations...he had 3 really bad games this year, and one of them happened to be week sucks but it isn't a reason to throw him a away, he still had an unbelievable December.

Still in denial...
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