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Default Re: Any chance at Dirk?

Originally Posted by gigantes
ah, shit... when i checked the amnesty clause a few weeks ago, i read it as "one every summer," not ONCE from 11-12 to 15-16. damnnnnn...... we truly are screwed with johnson's contract, then. where's isiah thomas when you need him??

re: wallace,
i think you're being a little harsh on him. he's an adequate shooter / scorer at his position, and clearly worked on his 3-ball and shooting form before this season. true, at four years for $40mil his contract is too much, but that pretty much pales in comparison to the others.

Amnesty on Joe? lol are you serious? You don't use amnesty clause just to get rid of a player and clear cap space. Joe is good player who is a valuable piece to the team. There is no chance in hell Prok throws his money away like that regardless of what happens in the scenario. Even if he were to lure Phil Jackson it's not like you gain a trade asset in the process, so how would they acquire the right pieces aside from free agent signings?
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