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Originally Posted by DonDadda59
That's what separates Nas and Pac IMO and gives Esco the edge. Pac was simplistic, which isn't a bad thing but he did get repetitive. You always know he's gonna tell you about 'ridin on enemies... while drinking hennessy' in like 72% of his songs. Nas can weave a story in more imaginative ways. Case in point:

But he can also tell stories in a more classical, straight forward way that still have impact. Example:

Tupac can't touch Nas in terms of anything rap related, storytelling included. Where do you think he got the idea for 'Me and my girlfriend' from? The only reason many consider him greater is the James Dean effect.

Doesn't matter.... 2pac did all of his work by age 25. Nas is now 40 years old... So there's no telling what 2pac was capable of as an artist if he were alive today.

Death Row East was his next move...

"Opportunity is: Overthrow the government right now which is Bad Boy, Nas and all that bull$Hit... and we will bring a new government which will feed every person in New York."
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