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Default Re: Article: Mike Brown says Kobe Bryant made him a better coach

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
Oh hi DK, happy new year.
How long did it take you to expound on your greatness, 30 minutes?
Im sure you are knowledgeable but at times I just can't stand arrogance esp when other fans disagree with you plus the fact you constantly insult other people as if they are stupid.
Mike Brown is imcompetent? Let me say for the umpteenth time that he was also NOT my choice, like you i preferred Rick Adelman but my gosh, the guy has a career record of 65 %, lasted 5 long years with a superstar who intentionally bumped Erik Spoelstra 2-3 months into the season.
BTW, do you deny saying before that Phil Jackson is more of an ego manager than a coach?
Phil is my favorite and yet when Gary Payton played here, he ALSO COMPLAINED that the coaching staff HARDLY talked about defense.
You also proclaimed Avery Johnson as a great coach(im not saying he is a bad tactician), giving him so much credit on bringing Dallas to the finals and yet totally blamed Dirk with his softness, when they got upset by the Warriors, chronicling some of his failures in the clutch and yet 82games penned him as one of the top pressure players BEFORE he led Dallas to the championship.
But you know what? I also blamed myself cause I should have given you props when you needed it, whenever you analyze coaching moves and strategies etc at times.
But at times, I just shake my head when you simply call guys as clowns and clueless thats it.

Happy New Year Tam

I honestly don't give a rats @ss if anyone ever give me props on ISH....seriously. I get props daily for my actual coaching work, from current and past players and their families......even that doesn't matter much. What I take pride in is from others complimenting my current and former players on how smart they are, how hard they work on every play at both ends.....and what great young men they are because more than just a coach, I am a mentor......that's what I take pride in.
I think too many people on ISH take basketball way too's just a sport.
You're not going to change the world or save lives with all the basketball knowledge in the what is the big deal if I know more about the game than any others on big deal in the grand scheme of life.

I stand behind everything I said on here 100%, none of it was hindsight, I was way out in front in making bold comments because I know the game and have been coaching long enough to assess a coach's ability. I have been paid to do so for schools in need of a good coach....I have been 100% correct.

Sure, I would LOVE to have been wrong about Mike Brown.....the guy was the most clueless coach I had ever seen when he was with the Cavs......I was embarrassed for him, but couldn't help but laugh because he was so inept.
The chance he was going to do well with the Lakers was the same chance that I within 10 the Lottery, get struck by lightning and then a meteorite

Mike 'Antoni.....yeah, go look, from the moment they hired him I said he would have to earn the "D" from my friend Lakerfreak hated that I did that without giving him a chance.....but come on, if you really know what the guy is all about, you really know he doesn't give a crap about defense and will not practice it. What's sad is that he is an intelligent coach, not a pretender like Mike Brown. 'Antoni has been trying to change the game, prove he can win a championship by outscoring other teams and turning a blind eye to defense and rebounding, I'm not saying that inside him is a defensive genius, I'm saying he doesn't want to change to win, he wants to win HIS WAY, get all the glory for being an innovator. I can tell you that it will not work now, it will not work ever which is why I was irate that we even interviewed him in the first place........I'd just as soon go to a KKK barbecue in Kentucky

Again, I have had the great fortune to have been around and talk with many of the greatest basketball minds ever for most of my life, I talk with NBA people daily, my views reflect their views.......I think I can talk with intelligence on the people I speak of.....and be right
I do not intentionally insult anyone on here but at times some of the stuff spouted is just ridiculous.....someone has to be honest.....sorry of that offends......sometimes the truth hurts.

Again....I seriously hoped that both MB and 'Antoni would succeed and win a title and that those who disagreed with me could forever hold it in my face......I would absolutely love that because I am a lifelong Lakers fan.....from 1960. I hate the Celtics and we need to pass them for titles at all costs. So seriously, I am a grown man, I can take any amount of ribbing especially if it means a title for the Lakers. It kills me that we have made such basketball fatal choices with coaches......pray that I am 100% wrong....I do.

Hey Tam.......remember

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