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Default Re: Ray Lewis retired

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Nah, I'm not a PT type homer. I just don't buy into the media overhype BS like many people do. Dude was surrounded by all kinds of talent and yet people BS and seemingly give him all the credit, which is just crazy.

Reed, Suggs and Ngata haven't get their props in recent years? When people talk about ATG defenses, it is the 2000 Ravens, not the 2000 Ray Lewises. He was simply flat out and by far the best player and leader of that team. Being surrounded by talent really doesn't have much to do with his ability to shed blocks like snake skin or play sideline-to-sideline at a level of skill and athleticism never previously seen at the position, equally adept at run stuffing and pass coverage. He was as complete as it gets and independently great.
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