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Default Re: Ray Lewis retired

Originally Posted by tpols
I remember hearing his buddies were on camera buying big ass hunting knives from a sporting store.. Ray and his crew beat the shit out of a couple guys and gutted them with massive blades. He's probably the biggest hypocrite in all of sports with his wanna be pastor speaking and supposed closeness to God. Ray Lewis is the definition of a thug.

I was looking for white text and missed it. First how do you know Ray Lewis killed those guys? Because he is a big intimidating prescence? Famous face? No way Ray Lewis surrounded himself with bad people like some celebs do. Alot of drama starts up with your entourage, the people who are behind you. If you roll with thugs then chances are bad things will happen. But you totally ignore that possibility that the guys Ray Lewis hung around werent actual thugs. What Ray did wrong was lied to protect his "friends". He no longer associates with those kind of friends and cleaned up his circle. Yet you still hold onto Ray the murderer as if the guys he killed were your brothers? Quick question do you even know who the guys that died were? Good guys? Bad guys?

People changing their ways, lifestyle and turning their life around for the good gets knocked by you? How the f*ck do you claim Ray is a hypocrite when you cant cite anything besides that 1 incident in his life? So since that incident Ray must remain a thug because anything else is him being a big ole hypocrite. You make no sense whatsoever. Think on that. In your mind Ray is a thug because of 1 incident and no matter what he has done since then (nothing but positive things) its not good for you. Since when did you become Judge tpols? No one can make mistakes and learn from them to be a better person going forward? Ray is 37yrs old. That incident happened when he was 25. 12 years ago. Impossible for a human to change his/her life from bad to good.

Really judgmental over a guy who does more good than you have in life. You cant say he doesnt practice what he preaches because you still hold onto that one night where you just decided Ray Lewis killed 2 guys with a knife.
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