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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by brwnman
or option 3.

Follow what the commish said in a previous season. All trades are accepted. I didn't intentionally do anything to hurt the league. I have said all I have to say as far as the trade is concerned. It makes sense.

Guys keep making assumptions; anything unanswered, I will gladly answer it. As far as answering things about the trade that have already been answered, I'm tired of speaking about it and will not be responding to it. Beastnani continues trying to start sh*t; just be happy you're behind a computer screen. Bokes already said his opinion will not change; not much you can do about that. Rapsfan has the biggest stake in this which has nothing to do with the integrity of the league (especially with a lot of the other trades that have been made not only this year but in the past); it all has to do with being in 2nd place and FC receiving Cousins (if it were anyone else, this wouldn't be a discussion; you better believe that)...
Now this loose cannon has actually stooped to making typed threats on the computer like an e-thug. Just leave already, you've clearly done what you came here to do. Rile people up and get them as pissed off as you were about not getting your way.
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