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Default Re: Ray Lewis retired

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron
To who, people that don't follow football? Who gives a shit? And which players? They couldn't mention Rod Woodson enough that season, Reed and Suggs have both won DPOY awards playing next to him, Ngata has been considered for several years amongst the best linemen in football, the Ravens inducted both Peter Boulware and Michael McCrary into their Ring of Honor. Lewis is hardly the only guy to have good teammates around him. Lambert, Lanier, Nitschke, Singletary, Schmidt all had just as, if not more help. Way more in some cases, so considering they don't really even approach Lewis on film and couldn't play in the league today, the '**** does that make them?

More BS. Way more in some cases? Maybe only the Steelers were as stacked. Don't approach Lewis on film and couldn't play in the league today? Whatever, I see you're one of those guys who's far too much in love with what you grew up watching and thinks that nothing outside compares and doesn't realize the difference of playing in different eras.
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