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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
Now this loose cannon has actually stooped to making typed threats on the computer like an e-thug. Just leave already, you've clearly done what you came here to do. Rile people up and get them as pissed off as you were about not getting your way.

Keep chirpin'...

He doesn't care about the fair way though, I know you're always mr. nice guy and don't want to give any strong opinions but I think people have actually been very fair to him. The initial issue prior to this trade being made was whether or not we should stick to 4 keepers. The majority wanted 3 so it was decided at the end of the draft we were going with 3. He either didn't see it or thought it wasn't official (even though a quote was pulled up where RF said it was official). So after much back and forth banter, I forgot who said this but I think it was RF who said he was open to having a vote about whether we have that rule or not. He refused. RF asked him and FC to swap the players back, FC accepted, he refused. What more can you do? Tickle his balls and whisper sweet nothings into his ear?

Keep chirpin' with the lies. Love it.

We all know the history of what happened. I suppose what I mean to say is if he reverses the trade that should be the end of it. No supplemental penalty. If he doesn't, then the conversation can be had.

I still like my idea of making him keep Nene as a keeper next year. If he's trying to tell us that he made the move because it gives him better keeper options, keeping Nene is the only way for him to prove that. It's his funeral.

On a more serious note, if he wants his balls tickled we should get Reggie Evans on the scene, that'll make him change his mind pretty quickly.
What's the penalty for? For making a trade that makes sense? By that logic, Funk's trade for Marco should have him keeping Marco, Shved and Gee (I know he dropped Marco). Since he traded for them even when he's out of the race. I guess we would have to go back and evaluate every single trade and force GMs to keep players if they make trades thinking about the future...
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