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Default Re: Top 3 current Actors?

Originally Posted by AboveTheRim.
Christopher Waltz was phenomenal in Django and Inglorious Bastards, he's probably my number 1.
DDL has been one of my favorites ever. Haven't seen Lincoln yet, but I'll keep him in my top 3 anyways.
Joseph Gordon Levitt has been on a tear lately, posting solid performances in TKDR, Looper and Inception, so I'll put him at 3.

I considered Waltz and JGL myself for my list. I passed on Waltz because he has only been phenomenal in 2 movies that I have seen (and both are QT movies). JGL is probably #4 for me right now. I also gave Bale and Tom Hardy some consideration (ironic that 3 of my honorary mention guys are in DKR which I really disliked). Gosling was another I considered.
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