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Default Re: Ish Official Fit-club

Originally Posted by NotYetGreat
Planet Fitness? Is it true they've banned doing Deadlifts at their branches? Ifnso then you need to get the **** outta that place.

Haha Just kidding. Honestly though, I've never trained with machines in my life and don't plan on doing so in the future. They have been shown to cause faulty recruitment patterns in trainees (in other words, they can actually cause bad form once you use barbells and dumbbells because of the fixed posture of the bars/handles) and they take a lot of stabilizer muscles out of your movement which you could get some extra strength from too. Personally, I'd rather do move and look for a gym with olympic bars or start off with bodyweight movements.

Eh. I'll look into a home gym once my dad gives me my $1k back. Also I've been getting these stretch marks like really pink marks (they look like stretch marks) on my arms near my shoulders/arm above my armpit area. I do push ups, and shit. Will this go away? Is it normal? Their becoming scary.
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