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Default Re: Scaled Images of Wilt/Dwight/McGee etc wingspans and height w/o shoes:

Okay let's have another go at this since eliteballer had a shit fit last time

(Full Size Link)

This time I used two methods of scaling to try and get everything scaled correctly - basketball diameter AND a ground up scale - and attempted to place everyone via the centerline plane of their bodies (generally the central point between both feet which is necessary for pics where a players feet appears are not on a flat plane), and also I bumped most of them down to what would be the estimated plane of their "bare feet" (so everyone with modern shoes should also be getting cut off approximately another inch, chucks about 1/4-1/2"). Their heights actually lined up almost perfectly with what draftexpress claimed was their barefoot height, with only a few exceptions (CP3, Kobe and Melo came out a bit too tall - about 1/2 inches too tall for all of them, they must have been slightly closer to the camera in the pic for the team U.S.A. photo or had disproportionately thicker shoes)

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