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Default Re: Dwight Howard does not get touches...

Originally Posted by poido123
Why isn't the coach getting on him about that? Or even Kobe can give Howard the heads up. No point ignoring Howard on offense, that will certainly ensure Lakers won't win a title.
They aren't ignoring Howard on offense did you actually watch the game? In the first half they went to him nearly every time down the court.

Coaches probably tell him things he's been hearing his whole and he ignores it. For example "Keep the ball up high Dwight!" basic bigmen fundamentals he ignores.

FT advice from Steve Nash Howard said he ignored

Hakeem telling the press that D12 is the only player not using the things he taught him.

Ignoring Bill Russells advice on blocking technique by continuing to swat everything out of bounds.

Howard doesn't listen to anyone, he acts like someone who was never told no in his life and shuts down when he hears it.
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