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Default Re: Top 3 current Actors?

Originally Posted by miller-time
My only criticism of Daniel Day-Lewis is that he has done so few films. Why?

Since 2002 he has been in 5 films (7 since 1996). He turns in solid performances but his resume is not extensive. DiCaprio on the other hand has done 13 films since 02. I don't know if that is a knock on him or not?

None the less, the guy is brilliant. DiCaprio has also pushed his way to the top too. Not sure who I would put in third spot though.
I read somewhere that DDL takes time between films so as not to overexpose himself. I read that Marlon Brando had told him that "an actor has only so many faces" and to not make too many movies.

It makes sense, and I think its a part of what makes him so believable in all his roles.
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