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Default Re: Dwight Howard does not get touches...

Originally Posted by 15yearmagicfan
Lakers need to scrap everything and change offense to inside out. It works with Dwight, they need to change the system. Its not working. Cant possibly do any worse.
Dwight ball will never win a title.

SVG's system in Orlando allowed Dwight to get his at the expense of the entire team.

No team will ever win it all with Dwight Howard as the first option.

Magic were never legit contenders, they got out of the east once when KG was hurt. Perennial 3 seed in the east is not a big accomplishment.

Building an offense around Dwight when you have Nash, Gasol and Bryant is the most foolish thing anyone can ever do.

The clown can't even run a basic pick and roll consistently, while playing with one of the best pick and roll guards of all time.
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