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Default Re: Breaking Bad: Season 5 (Final) Discussion Thread

I was reading the other day that Vince Gilligan mentioned Casablanca as a movie that ended perfectly. That happens to be my favorite movie of all-time and I think I have a real understanding of where his mindset is for ending Breaking Bad.

If you haven't seen Casablanca basically the movie ends with the girl going away to America with some other guy while Humphrey Bogart stays behind to make sure they get away safely. Vince Gilligan has told people that some are going to hate the ending. That immediately makes me think of Casablanca or even King Lear.

Fans of Casablanca always ask why the writers didn't have Ilsa and Rick going away together. People asks why did Shakespeare have to kill Cordelia? The reason Shakespeare kills Cordelia is very simple: because people die.

Vince Gilligan is going to end this show with Jesse dying. I think he's the Cordelia character. The ending of this show wouldn't be memorable if Jesse lives. Vince Gilligan is not going to go for something that isn't true to life. What's real is that drug dealers die. This shouldn't be a happy ending, and I will love this show even more if they finish it right.
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