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Default Re: Every Single Hour in Los Angeles, Pau Gasol is Mistreated...

Originally Posted by tomtucker
"and a future HOF-er"......GTFO........
you are obviously not aware of what HOF means and who enters there...
ROY, several times all-star, 2 Rings, FIBA World Champion, Twice european champion, twice olympic silver medallist + huge amount of individual awards including best european player, best scorer in international tournaments, etc.

Originally Posted by DavisWarriorsFan
It ain't the offense. He sucked for the past 2 years now. In the 2011 playing under Phil and the Triangle and last year with Mike Brown and his stupid offense. Pau is done. I wouldn't want him on my team. I wouldn't even give Richard Jefferson up for Pau.

He didn't play up to his potential during last part of 2011 season, really at the end of regular season, andplayed horrendus PO. Since then he has never ever played in his natural position because of Bynum (with worse midrange than Pau) Brown/D'antoni.
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