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Default Re: 2012-2013 English Premier League Thread (La Liga, Serie A, etc.)

Originally Posted by alenleomessi
I agree that the list is bad, but this post is even worse.

First Masche is not bad at CB, he is quite good... and Pique and Masche dont really fit together thats why sometimes he was benched, he also had some injurie... IMO Kompany and Ramos should have been the CBs... as for full backs... Alba should have definitely made it over Marcelo, and maybe Lahm over Alves. Pirlo MIGHT have been better than Xavi, but there is no reason to throw Xavin out of the squad when that can be done to Alonso. So its - Xavi-Pirlo-Iniesta in the middle.
The GK and the forward trio is absolutely fine.

Silva and Van Persie had great seasons, but there is no room for them.

So my post is not that bad.

Alonzo was Madrid's best player and played better in the Euro as well. Alonzo was better than Xavi all year. Lahm is not that deserving. Maggio is deserving. Even Richards would have been deserving. Neither had a shot. Marcelo was better than Alba. Easily. Ashley Cole is the only one who has a shout but I have no problems with Marcelo.

This should all be based on the 11/12 season. The new season should have no bearing and the awards people are too dumb to make it clear-cut. That's how I would vote and that's the way the voting should work.

Pique doesn't play well when Puyol doesn't play. It's just been that way for a while.

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