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Default Re: Duncan now has the highest personal winning percentage in nba history

Originally Posted by Pointguard
To me Duncan is the most impressive winner there ever was in this league. His teammates were never all star level cept maybe Robinson for two years? Plus he played in the same era as Kobe and Shaq, both of whom compete for having the best teammates talent wise, than probably any other single star ever in the league. That's a real accomplishment on Duncan's part.

To me the only guys that had a real intimate relationship with winning were Russell, Duncan and Magic. Bird has a case and I'm missing one other person at the moment.

"All star level" doesn't matter. It's what you can do in the spaces you have.

Parker and Manu were/are amazing players. Top players at what I just said... after a certain point, they weren't losing games because of how those guys played often.

If a guy can get you 20 along side a superstar does it really matter if he can't get you 30 by himself?

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