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Default Re: Duncan now has the highest personal winning percentage in nba history

Originally Posted by ILLsmak
"All star level" doesn't matter. It's what you can do in the spaces you have.

Parker and Manu were/are amazing players. Top players at what I just said... after a certain point, they weren't losing games because of how those guys played often.

If a guy can get you 20 along side a superstar does it really matter if he can't get you 30 by himself?

The spurs grab smart, professional European basketball players that are used to running efficient offensive sets and being held accountable if the team was losing. These guys are then coordinated by a mastermind coach and it's easy to build chemistry when guys have always played team basketball and are used to that style of play.

Every other team in the nba tries to land the biggest, fastest strongest black guy to carry their team.. And then that guy diminishes everyone else's confidence because the rest if the team feels second to him. It's stupid building based on luck if your star ends up exploding.

The spurs have a proven formula for winning regular season games that goes way way past Duncan as an individual player.. That's why this doesn't mean much.
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