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Default Re: Duncan now has the highest personal winning percentage in nba history

Originally Posted by tpols
Props to Duncan for this year.. But what about his down years the past couple seasons when the spurs still were getting one seeds? He's got the best coaching, talent development, and overall team of any superstar right now. Tony Parker has been the best player on the Spurs for a while until this year. Manu was better too.

Guess Lamar Odom should get more credit for the Lakers success from 08-10 being their third option as well.

Keep sippin on that haterade kid. Even in Duncan's "down years" he still dominated the paint on both ends of the floor no doubt. Statistical dips don't necessarily justify "down years" when your team is still the best in the west and you're consistently the most dominant big man in the game

Duncan could've not been on the team the past few years and they would've been a 3-4 seed at worst.

keep telling yourself that
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