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Default Re: Every Single Hour in Los Angeles, Pau Gasol is Mistreated...

Originally Posted by Money 23
His role in 2010 - 2011 was the same as it was the three seasons prior that they made it to the NBA Finals. He started off the year playing extremely well. Then faded into oblivion. Why? He became visibly depressed and lost enthusiasm.

Sources say it was because of the whole off the court issues involving Gasol's fiance, Shannon Brown, Vanessa Bryant, and Kobe Bryant. That's when chemistry issues started to develop, and things took a turn for the worse. They have YET to recover. On court chemistry issues between him and Bryant, and then the way he's been used in a system w/ Andrew Bynum under Mike Brown, and now his alienation for not being motivated and in shape to run in D'Antoni's offensive system just threw gas on the flames.

You're busy ranting about Kobe. I'm not saying I disagree that Kobe should change his approach and philosophy THIS season. What I'm SAYING is that Pau Gasol on the Lakers hasn't played like Pau Gasol of 2008 - 2010 since December of 2010.

its hard to be motivated when kobe doesnt want to let the role of 1st option pass on to gasol. Even pjax too thats why he retired. Pau was the mvp at the beginning of the season then suddenly kobe started chucking to send a message to pau.
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