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Default Re: More immature team - Kings or Lakers?

Originally Posted by oh the horror
Wtf is keeping the Kings down? They're young AND talented.
As andremiller stated, injuries have hurt. But even w/o injuries, the Kings' have had an inconsistent rotation and some players just don't compliment each other well. As usual, the biggest issue are Tyreke and Cousins. Cousins seems to have "figured it out", but Tyreke needs be unselfish and never shoot a J. Then the Kings could actually make some real noise.

Also, Smart sticking to a rotation would help. Which he has recently, but mostly b/c he's forced to due to injuries.

As for actual "immaturity", it's the Kings, in terms of on the court maturity. You can tell they're still pretty green in some games. In terms of player personalities, it's pretty close... I mean, Dwight's lack of dedication or Cousin's sense of entitlement? Kobe's stubbornness or Tyreke's low IQ? Both teams have their fair share of immature features.
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