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Default Re: If Kobe Runs Dwight Out of Town.....

Originally Posted by Knoe Itawl
Haha, Kobe could spit in their face and then tell their mother's to suck his d@ck and they would say "That Kobe, what a great guy."

You have to understand that a true Kobe Stan is a truly sick and deranged individual. Kobe is everything to them. His legacy and worshipping him is more important than anything in their own pathetic lives.

As an example, would you expect followers of Jim Jones to "finally" admit that they were members of a cult and that their leader wasn't what they thought he was? Nah, they'd sooner consume cyanide laced Kool-Aid.
The sick ones are the ones who don't root for any team in particular and only follow a sport to hate on a player. The sick ones attempt to make basketball analogies with a mass suicide cult.
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