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Default Re: Nation-State Draft 3

Communist Australia

My vision of Communist Australia was to have a central leader (Mao Zedong) and have him spread communism throughout the islands that are near the country. Communist Australia as you may have guessed is a staunch supporter of capitalism and human rights. So long as everyone has equal share and people's rights don't interfere with what the government tells them to do.

This would create a large series of buffers for any air and naval attack sent against Communist Australia.

Mao and his regime would build a large navy that they would use to at first set up blockades against resistant countries and islands alike. Once fallen, a brainwashing would ensue. Creating Mao to be a God like figure in human form. Resources (from fallen islands/countries) would be poured into the military war-machine.

I picked Zhukov because he was a bad-ass and sent his men into the grinder, just the type of general I was looking for. I selected a few naval commanders to help the naval campaign of liberating the surrounding islands and countries of whatever oppressive government and false ideals they have with their dreams of candy land.

Also selected was Boris Mikhailovich Malinin, he is the designer of ships, battleships, aircraft carriers and submarines alike. We will use his ideas and all his needs will be taken care of. For a time in real life, his designs of submarines surpassed that of American submarines. Unfortunately he was on the side of a bankrupt falling Soviet Russia. In Nation-State Draft land, this will not be the case.

A lot of the other people selected were cabinet members of Mao's. Look'em up.. This give's Mao some reliable and trustworthy people in his regime. He is the unquestioned leader and they are his followers.

Marx, you already knew I was going to take him. He is the head economist of Communist Australia. His theories influenced Mao, and now they are best buddies.
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