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Default Re: If Kobe Runs Dwight Out of Town.....

Originally Posted by chazzy
It's far more normal to only root for a particular player than it is to only root against one. You realize everything thing you're saying about stans can simply be said in reverse for you?

Sooo, you're essentially saying that it's OK for a Kobe stan to not root for a team because they root for Kobe, but it's not OK for me to allegedly have no team to root for because I criticize him. Gotcha. Who can argue with that kind of "logic"?

What about all the rooting AGAINST a player they did after Lebron went to Miami right? I mean, this board was so thick with Bryant groupies downing Bron it was crazy. That's not "normal" to you right? So did you call them out?

*** outta here. I'm refraining from calling you a Stan because I've always considered you a bit better than them but you're drifting dangerously close to their thought process.
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