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Default Re: If Kobe Runs Dwight Out of Town.....

Originally Posted by Knoe Itawl
Sooo, you're essentially saying that it's OK for a Kobe stan to not root for a team because they root for Kobe, but it's not OK for me to allegedly have no team to root for because I criticize him. Gotcha. Who can argue with that kind of "logic"?

What about all the rooting AGAINST a player they did after Lebron went to Miami right? I mean, this board was so thick with Bryant groupies downing Bron it was crazy. That's not "normal" to you right? So did you call them out?

*** outta here. I'm refraining from calling you a Stan because I've always considered you a bit better than them but you're drifting dangerously close to their thought process.
I said it's more normal for there to be fans of individual players in sports, as opposed to special cases like you and Duma who follow a player hoping he fails.. with no particular team to fall back on and root for. I just find that type of sports fan mentality to be abnormal in comparison.
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