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Default Re: Nation-State Draft 3

I wrote a damn novel I think... Hopefully it's not tl;dr for the judges.

The Unified HyperCities of Emberzuela

The Land: Venezuela

Venezuela ranks #1 in proven oil reserves and #2 in proven natural gas reserves. Part of our economy is based on the export of these resources, but we do not seek to be a world leader in that category. Carl Sagan is well schooled on Peak Oil Theory and warns against overproduction. We do not produce nearly as much oil as we could, and most of what we do produce is kept for our own use.

Venezuela also has Iron Ore, Gold, Diamonds, and other minerals. Venezuela is the among the world’s largest producers of Hydropower, and I have Nikola Telsa a pioneer in Hydropower to help exploit that potential.

Venezuela is one of the smaller countries chosen, so I won’t have to expend as much on the infrastructure of my country as other competitors who mostly gobbled up the largest land masses as quickly as possible. Also my defenses will be much more concentrated.

Venezuela is also a very beautiful country with tropical beaches and snowy mountains. As such, part of economy is based on tourism. I welcome the depressed souls of my competitor’s nations to come and soak in the warm rays with a drink in their hand and watch some waves.

Political Structure:

Much of the political structure of my country takes place at the local level. Communities are strongly organized and active in the democracy process. Local leaders have strong powers to dictate the policies in their cities. Local elections are held annually throughout the country.

National Power is divided amongst several positions. All national issues are resolved by a best of five vote between several bodies, they are:


Once a decade a national election is held in which the many political parties of Emberzuela each nominate a candidate for the Political Council. The top 3 vote getting candidates form the council for the course of the decade. Each of the three council members receives a vote on all affairs domestic or foreign. The current council members are:

Thomas Jefferson - The Republican Party (Majority Leader)

As majority leader Jefferson is in control of the issues that get discussed within the council and controls what gets voted on and what doesn’t. In this position he is a strong supporter of personal and religious freedoms as he was in his real life.

In his real life he founded the Republican party (now called the Democratic-Republican party by historians, since it actually morphed into the Democratic party of today).

Jefferson is reportedly trying to purchase the territory of Columbia to expand Emberzuela’s borders.

Alexander Hamilton - The Federalist Party (Director of Finance)

Hamilton was actually a political rival of Jefferson (but hey it worked for America) who also founded a political party. The now defunct Federalist party. Hamilton was an economist and America’s first secretary of the Treasury. In that position Hamilton started a lot of things that are still in place today, such as the Federal government’s ability to purchase state debt, and a strong central banking system capable of funding the needs of a nation.

Hamilton in this position argues for a stronger federal government. He also serves Director of Finance for the country where he has put his economic theories into practice for the benefit of Emberzuela.

Friedrich Engels - The Worker’s Party (Director of Labor)

One of the father’s of communism, along with Karl Marx. Engels actually finished The Communist Manifesto after Marx’s death, so he more of a hand in the finished product. In Germany he also organized the German Worker’s Party.

Engels was all about Worker’s rights and what he saw an unfair system in capitalism where the workers were treaty so poorly and earned so little.

In my society Engels argues for his principals and has been somewhat successful. Corporate personhood is banned in Emberzuela thanks to Engels efforts. The majority of products are produced by engineering unions that design and manufacture products and divide earnings fairly amongst union members.

Despite Engels presence, Emberzuela largely remains a free market society.

I choose these three because to form my council because they each offer a different worldview and each organized political parties. Emberzuela is a country of deep discussion where all viewpoints are considered.


A directly elected position, the voice of the people can be repealed at any time due to popular vote, although this has never occurred. Nobody can choose to run for this position. The ballot is a write in form. The voice of the people receives a vote in all domestic, non-security issues.

Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha – Ambassador to the World, Director of Psychology

Buddha initially refused the position as he opposes many of the actions of the government. He reconsidered upon the urging of his Sangha that he could at least make some positive change by taking the position. Buddha has used his noble eightfold path to guide his decisions.

As well he has used his position to promote meditation for mental health. He has also taken an extreme interest in modern psychology where he has challenged many of its cornerstone figures. He serves as Director of Psychology in the Union of the Science and Engineering although he does not hold the position without some controversy.

He also serves as Ambassador to the World and as such spends much of his time traveling to other nations on behalf of Emberzuela.


The commander in chief is selected by the political council and serves as the commander of Emberzuela’s military and Secret Service (think a cross between the CIA and the Navy Seals) programs. The Commander in Chief receives a vote in all security related issues, foreign or domestic.

Sun Tzu

My reasoning for the pick is based on his book the Art of War which is still held in high regard today and considered a masterpiece of strategic thought whose scope is not limited to the time period it was written in. I was also hoping to avoid potential negative political stigma that could be attached to more modern generals.

Rumor has it Sun Tzu is working with Wernher von Braun, Enrico Fermi and Telsa on some sort of space weapon, although Sagan is trying to shut the project down. Tesla insists the project is “purely scientific” in nature.

Continued in next post...
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