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Default Re: Nation-State Draft 3


Emberzuela was founded on the principles of enlightenment, and as such the sciences are held in highest regard. A large part of the national budget is given to the Union of Science and Engineering, which oversees all large scale engineering projects in the country. As President of the union, Carl Sagan receives a vote on all affairs domestic and foreign. The union president is elected every five years by a vote of union members. The union president must be confirmed by a 3 out of 5 vote between the Political Council members, the Voice of the People and Commander in Chief.

Prominent members of the union include:

Carl Sagan – President, Director of Education, Director of Environmental Protection, Director of Cosmology

What can I say, growing up as a kid watching Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series is probably why I care about Science at all. I took Sagan because he is very well rounded covering many disciplines, which is also why I made him the president of this union. Cosmos is why I made him director of education. His enthusiasm for science is so great to inspire our nation.

His discoveries of the greenhouse gas effect on Venus helped lead to our understanding of Global Warming on our own planet. This is why I made him Director of Environmental Protection, his political efforts in this area are well known.

He is also one of three people in the union with NASA Experience, where he worked on the Mariner, Pioneer and Voyager missions amongst others, which makes him a valued contributor to our nation’s space program.

Sagan has vowed that Emberzuela will be the world leader in scientific space missions and ensures a large amount of funding goes toward this purpose.

As director of education Sagan has fought hard for nationalized institutions of higher learning. Today much of the nation’s most cutting edge research is performed by students at these Academies.

Wernher von Braun – Director of Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering

Wernher von Braun has been called the greatest rocket scientist to ever live. He designed the V2 rocket that had Nazi Germany kicking so much ass in WW2. He designed rocket based aircraft. He designed the first inter-continental ballistic missile. After coming to the US after the war he designed the Saturn V rocket that put man on the moon. He was also a space architect with many designs for space stations and even space weapons.

In his role as Director of Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering he is the official head of our space program which is very active. Also under Sun Tzu’s authority von Braun and his teams design most of weapons used by Emberzuela’s military.

Peter Norvig – Director of Artificial Intelligence, Director of Technology Research

Norvig is the third guy I have with NASA experience. Norvig worked on autonomous robots for NASA, amongst many other projects too numerous to list. He is also in charge of research at Google, when you hear about Google Glasses, self driving cars, and autonomous mining robots that would mine the asteroid belt, this is the guy leading those projects. He is a world leading authority in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Agents. He maintains a site over at if you want to learn more.

I wanted to pair his knowledge of autonomous robots with Sagan and von Braun. Emberzuela is not content with the resources found without our own territory, nor do we seek disputes with the fellow nations of Earth. We plan on mining the infinite riches of the cosmos.

Nikola Tesla – Director of Energy, Director of Communications

Tesla pioneered many fields. He discovered alternating current which makes our society today possible. He was a pioneer in radio and wireless technology demonstrating a remote control boat back in 1898. He helped pioneer modern hydropower at Niagara Falls. He did work with X-Rays. He invented a wireless energy delivery system. He invented bladeless turbines capable of 5000 HP. He supposedly had designs for energy weapons as well.

Tesla serves as our director of energy, the vast majority of power comes from hydropower, wind and nuclear, but Tesla is working with the space agency on putting massive solar collectors in space and wirelessly transmitting the energy back to earth. He speculates the project will generate so much energy will be able to sell power from space to our allies as well.

Tesla is also involved in a number of top secret weapons projects under Sun Tzu’s command.

Enrico Fermi – Director of Nuclear Physics

Fermi is best known for his work on the first nuclear reactor, and his work with Oppenheimer on the atomic bomb. Pairing Fermi up with von Braun was intentional as I wanted to be sure I had ICBMs with nuclear warheads should I need them. I assure you they are only for the protection of Emberzuela and our allies. I understand you all worked hard building your Navies and such, but **** with us and we will nuke you from space.

Hippocrates – Director of Medicine

Hippocrates is widely regarded as the father of western medicine mainly because he established it as a field based on scientific inquiry and not superstition, ritual or philosophical thought as it had been until his time. While I generally tried to avoid people from ancient history, I feel he would fit in easily in modern times and would still be a brilliant doctor that would advance the field of medicine even further. His Hippocratic oath is still in use today and is the basis of how he fulfills his duties as Director of medicine.

He led the fight to bring socialized medicine to Emberzuela, with Sagan, Engels and Buddha voting yes, and Jefferson and Hamilton voting against the measure.

There are essentially three voting configurations for all national issues.

Domestic issues:
Jefferson, Hamilton, Engels, Buddha, and Sagan vote.

Foreign and Security issues:
Jefferson, Hamilton, Engels, Sun Tzu, and Sagan vote.

As voice of the people Buddha can also challenge any security or foreign policy issue in which case:
Jefferson, Hamilton, Engels, Buddha and Sun Tzu vote.
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