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Default Re: BREAKING NEWS: Scott Skiles out as Bucks head coach

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
Skiles perpetually overperforms by instituting fear and being a hardass. There's nothing wrong with that when you're a mediocre roster like the Bucks are, but try that shit with either extreme, a young rebuilding team or a proven winner roster, guy's getting tuned out inside of 50 games.

He's Jim O'Brien with a playing career. Stuck in the mud franchise that's years from doing anything, he can come in and teach guys how to work and approach being a professional basketball player. You want anything more you better find someone else.

Which is to say the Wizards need to hire him.

Yeah, wizards would also be a good fit. Kings too. I disagree with you a bit though.. I don't know if Skiles is a championship type of coach, but I think that he would do well on a contender. He really hasn't had that type of opportunity yet. Also, I think that with the Bulls he showed that he can work with a young team that is in rebuild mode. He gave a young Bulls team an identity and they became a playoff team.
Now I'm not saying he's the greatest coach or whatever, but in my opinion, he has not dissapointed as a coach in the past decade. His teams have sometimes underperformed, but a look at the rosters would explain that also. He did a great job with most rosters he had. He wouldn't be a good fit for every type of roster of course, but the Pistons, as they have two young bigs who can learn to cause a lot of defensive problems for teams in the future, would be nice.
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