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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
I told you guys! I could feel it coming just like I knew Perkins and Randolph were going to fight earlier this year when they got ejected. Melo has to do a better job at keeping his composure. He's got too many techs this year. I love the emotion but he needs to channel it better. That being said, I used to be a fan of KG's but he went from a 90's style tough guy to an outright dirty player. I lost respect for him like I lost respect for Bernard Hopkins when he fought Chad Dawson. It's one thing to have those sneaky veteran tactics but when your dirty play supercedes your skills and talent, then you become a dirty player and I lose respect for that.

I'm also disappointed in the other Knicks. In the 90's, Melo wouldn't have to be "calmed down" because when you messed with one guy, you messed with ALL of the Knicks. There was no pushing Ewing without Oakley, Mason, Starks and even Jeff Van Gundy getting in your grill. I'm all for being professional, but when a team comes in with the mentality that they are going to rough you up all night because they can't guard you otherwise, starting with your star player, you need guys to step up and say "Oh hell no". Every once in a while you have to go from gentleman to gangsta.
Yeah,someone needed to help Melo and punk KG or even Pierce. Tyson and J.R. first come to mind.
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