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Default Re: Nation-State Draft 3

Aristocratic Republic of Brazilia

Government: Aristocratic Junta: All members of the cabinet all have the same power and role and have specific powers in their own cabinet. The country is not a democracy, the cabinet is composed of well rounded(in most cases) individuals who'll pursue the best interests for the people and the state, most of them are the GOAT candidates as well

The Cabinet consists of:
Commander in Chief: Otto Von Bismark
Minister of Domestic Affairs: Augustus
Minister of Economy: Jacques Reuff
Minister of Culture: Plato
Minister of Programming: Joseph Goebells
People's representation of Government/ Leader of Civilian militia: Joseph Garibaldi

The rest of the figures I selected(Orwell, Bell, Oppenheimer) aren't members of the cabinet but all are key figures in society. Bell and Oppeneimer specifically.

Why the government?
Democracy looks good on paper but it's easily corruptable and easily bought out by the rich who'll turn Democracy into a Oligarchy or Plutocracy
Pluto advocated against this and he favored an aristocracy led by capable men who all will serve the best interests of people and state. Bismark also favored an aristocracy as well.

Why Brazil?
The location of Brazil is great first and foremost. No powerful neighbors, no immediate threat, large land mass and tons of natural resources which will be exploited by the people I selected.

Goal of the republic?
To unite South America into one banner specifically. This would obvious mean by military means and the figures I selected have a history of unification and military actions. Bismark is possibly the GOAT leader who brilliantly played the game of politics perfectly uniting Germany under one banner and crushed Europe under his heels. Garibaldi is also another prominent figure, who with Bismark, would be a deadly 1-2 punch of conquering and uniting South America. Garibaldi would be popular with the people and he would be able to muster up a huge force at short time's notice. A strong comparison of the duo would be to Shaq and Kobe in their prime, a truly deadly force. Henry Ford was a key selection as the mass production of vechiles will be key into transporting men, supplies into battle as well as being able to produce top notch tanks which will crush any resistance in sight. Oppenheimer was the most prominent men of the Luftwaffe which will prove to be another deadly punch into battle. Bell was a key figure in communications which will increase military efficiency. And certainly Brazil has the resources to promote ambitious military dreams.

Augustus will essentially be the legislative body of the state, creating laws that the cabinet best seems so. Augustus did a great job with Rome and during the Pax Romana period which was Rome's height. His importance will come when South America is united and he'll shape the continent into a powerhouse.

Plato and Goebells both seem like contradictory picks but it was easy to me. Goebells was one of the best figures in history of "propaganda" and so on. Goebells will propagate the teachings of Plato and other pro-state/military ideas to the republic. This will ensure that the state will never be corrupted, that greedy capitalists/bankers will never gain any power of importance and that the people will generally be enlightened, nationalistic and a proud race of people.

Augustus and Reuff will be able to create a sound economy that will compose of mixed elements. Industry like that of Henry's Ford will be allowed and encouraged but Banks will be heavily regulated and weakened.

Will expand on this later/edit
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