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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
still can't believe that actually happened on saturday night... someone pinch me or smack me upside the head, please.

now the way i see it, cain is pretty much a made legend in MMA. as a two-time HW champion and someone who absolutely destroyed the two men who held the belt at the time, he stands alone from couture in the HW division and probably even most of the other divisional champions in history. of course modern MMA is a young sport and there's no point in going overboard with this stuff, but it's still hard to imagine what he did being repeated very often in MMA history.

i feel sorry for JDS' next opponent, because whoever that person is, they're probably going to be annihilated. like, wiped off the map. overeem better pray that it's not him, because junior is still an absolute beast who few other fighters are going to be able to pressure like cain can do.

- a legend?...he is a great fighter with amazing Wrestling/cardio......not sure if legend status yet.

- he has to hold the belt for awhile....he better pray Overeem loses....Overeem will merk Cain.
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