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Default Re: Nation-State Draft 3

The Christian Empire of Russia

This great nation deserved a complete overhaul and it gets one.

Lets start with the head of the Empire and he is Constantine the Great.
This man showed great belief in Christianity, which is the main religion of this Russia and it helps to get my people united.His Empire was always expanding, and thats why we are an Empire. Constantine managed to defeat emperors Maxentius and Licinius during civil wars. Also a great commander and general who had one of the greatest armies which was very mobile because the Emperor created and rebuilded old bases and made a lot of roads to keep army fast and I expect that in this huge Russia as well. A city that Constantine laid foundations - Constantinople was heavy fortified and defended, as well as had a lot of pleasure facilities, and bathhouses circus, forums etc. a new Moscow would be a paradise and my people need that cause they will be paying taxes (especially land) to support it, but its no problem cause In this nation there will be plenty of work with resources, army, arts, science etc.

Thats where Léon Walras comes in. He was scientific socialist believing that nation should own the land and rent it to people to support itself without heavy taxes and it would fit with Constantine and Russia cause there is a lot of land there to work with, or at nation owned factories. Other incomes comes from conquering other lands.

Subutai would be responsible to deal with the east and Alexander Suvorov would be having fun in the west, cause no one could match armies when soldiers believe in ideas while supported with latest inventions, created by one of the greatest mathematicians and inventors Archimedes.

This man was crazy creative, has all kinds of legends about him, and I believe he would be a top informatician in 21 century, cause he was great with math calculated Pi millenniums ago - all around genius. He also created new siege machines which was ahead of its time(Archimedes Claw,Catapults , Stonethrowers etc.) , and I have no idea would he would came up in these days, with all possibilities we have now.

Constantine always relied on his Senate to help him with ruling the Empire.
He could now consult with Cardinal Richelieu, the man who crushed all opposition. Richelieu was patriotic, believed in expansion, which why We are the Empire. He was always achieving his goals, had great diplomatic skills, sometimes even doubted the Kind, but Constantine is too powerful person to be vulnerable. The main reason I selected him is too destroy the inside enemies.

But it doesnt sound that harsh cause there will be none, as the main guy to provide unity in this big nation is Pope John Paul II. Very likable person, great public speaker, intelligent, very human and great personality. I want him to be a soul leader of my people. This nation need to have bright, orientated ( :) ) minds

and Friedrich Hegel a German (since now Russian) Idealist and Socialist will inspire the nation. His developed concept that effects almost everything. In our Empire it will be mandatory to learn it in school and to know who is who and what is right. We need to get opposition integrated or better - avoided. The other mind of this Russia is also quite smart - Seneca.

He also believed in Christian religion, always had the right moral ideas in his works. His believes and thoughts are well orientated for my country as he mentions that people have to have goals and act rightfully.
These Ideas must be known in my Empire and Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of typing machine will be as a main person to spread the word. He created the way to do it earlier so why he wouldn't create something new, unseen now? Maybe its a nation wide popular website , I dont know, Im not inventor. It would cover everything science, religion , art. And speaking about art - Michelangelo

A man who done countless works, a lot of them related to the Christianity. He painted murals in the churches, sculptured saint persons, and all kind of top notch works. My nation would be inspired and proud. And pride is very valuable.

To sum it up, its religious Empire which is led by a strong hands to conquer lands but to keep our ideas to ourselves while being interesting to others but prideful inside.

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