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Default Re: The Official No Fap 2013 Challenge

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
fukkin hell.

big problem with nofap is I can't think for sh!t. After drained balls, I am back on top of my wit game, busting jokes, initiatin all that clever dialogue, everything at college clickin for me. but at the cost of fatigue. really wanna be a writer and a marine but it's gonna take effort.

for those who pedestalize girls uhhh realize a few truths..
a) they are flawed human beings like yourself with biting insecurities and constantly feel the need to be fake/put on an act to impress their sisterhood and live up to an image
. u as a man are likely
- FREER (this is huge, overwhelming responsibilities kill life)
- a better leader
- don't have to restrict your voice or put on a persona and can express your thoughts much easier
- more curious about the world
- probably wiser
- physically a lot more efficient.. u don't get periods monthyl and big objects don't hold u down lol
- funnier
- a lot more honest/higher character
- have more potential earning power
- see life more .. how can i say it.. rawer.. in the flesh with less emphasis on "I or me or my feelings" and a clearer sight on reality and what it is
- u don't have haters trynna knock u down everywhere u go
- when someone likes you.. you know they like you for who you are.

so why the fukk are you being so down on yourself cuz u weren't born pretty or wealthy.. christ.. u don't have to prove sh!t and worship someone. thats medieval sh!t. sycopanthy and insecurity are a terrible combo.
we're all just trynna get by and surely she's got problems too.

nobody likes insecurity. the people wanna see what u can give them them. the people look to the hot girl as a sex object.. like red has stated above me.. the normal guy could potentially be ridiculously smart, funny, or one hell of a leader or talented in some random stuff. looks fade, talent lasts forever. and real pride comes from sh!t u chose to do, not from sh!t u don't have control over.

b) try to adopt this mindset: the game of life is all about hwo much distance u cover at the end of the day.. if you're a crippled hideous midget born in poverty with abused parents, and u manage to learn a sh!t load of the world, and create value and attain yourself a good life and a loyal gal, you beat out the trust fund Paul Walker prestigious guy who simply inherited everything and sowed his oats in random hoez. Period. I dont care if its a lie. Get into that mentality. it'll take u much further than nihilism or acceptance or beating yourself down and saying if only if only i was .....

people love and remember an inspirational nate robinson. not a dajuan wagna.

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