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Default Re: Alex Jones goes bat sh*t crazy on Piers Morgan

Originally Posted by bdreason
I actually agree with his general stance. I'm surprised how many people think our government has our best interest in mind. The same government that has sent tens of thousands of lower-class soldiers to die in the middle east for the profit of the elite.

Obviously this guy is passionate, and needs to take a chill pill, but he's right. Placing any type of faith in this government would be a huge mistake. I'm not a "gun guy", I've never even been hunting, but I'm not surrendering my right to own weapons, because I don't trust the government has my best intentions in mind, nor do I think they can adequately protect me against my fellow citizens.

I do not have faith in humanity....
we are killing the planet so the same elites can enjoy an inflated lifestyle. Heck the far majority of us in the developed world benefit from the suffering and death of people in the 3rd world and we could not care less.
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