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Default Re: Nation-State Draft 3

China - Resource rich, diverse landmass. The govt style will be a socialist democracy.

John Maynard Keynes - The father of modern macroeconomics. Keynes will be chairman of the central bank in the country and will be free to use monetary policy as he sees fit to boost/stabilize the economy. He is very charismatic and influential and will have a big impact on the economic policy within the country.

Benjamin Franklin - I see Franklin in a Secretary of State sort of role but I think its best if he is given the freedom to use his talent and influence more freely within the government. He can serve as a counselor to Deng, a foreign diplomat, or an administrator in charge of science and innovation.

Richard Feynman - Noble prize winning physicist who will be the head researcher for the country. He introduced the concepts of quantum computing and nanotechnology which he will collaborate on with Alan Turing in order to make China a technological superpower. He was also part of the nuclear bomb project which means China will be well defended.

Mayer Rothschild - I don't see any official role for him in the government. He will simply do his thing in the private financial sector. He is known as the father of international finance and he will help China's financial sector to be the best in the world.

Deng Xiaoping - He will be the prime minister. He is known as basically the only member of the original Chinese Communist party that knew WTF he was doing and is known for being a pragmatic leader. He will obviously lean toward more socialist policies but, since he will not have a monopoly on political power like the Communist Party has in China, he will have to rely more on his pragmatic nature to build a socialist democracy.

Louis Brandeis - Highly regarded Supreme Court justice who was known for his anti-monopoly stances along with his defense of free speech and right to privacy. He will be the leader of the justice system in China and will maintain the freedoms of the citizens.

Fredreich Hayek - Keynes' main rival during their lifetimes. Hayek is almost a cult hero to free market economists and libertarians. He will be the head economic advisor to Deng and will provide an ideological counterbalance to his socialist leanings. He will help to strike the appropriate balance of free market economics and regulation in China.

Alan Turing - Mathematical genius who is known for his work in computer science. Turing will work with Feynman to help China be a technological giant as they work to reach the true potential of computer technology (nanotech, AI, quantum computing, etc.). He also worked as a cryptanalysis during WWII and this experience along with his computer genius will be used by the Defense Department. He will help to ensure the security of the country's information networks as well as launching cyberterrorist attacks against belligerent nations in order to cripple their defense network.

Saladin - One of the most successful military generals in history and he is also known for his wisdom and restraint. He is exactly the type of military genius with a strong moral code that I want leading the armed forces of China.

Monty Jones - He is a scientist who has spent his career studying agricultural advancements in order to solve the problem of hunger in Africa. He is famous for creating a new strain of rice that dramatically increased the crop yields in Africa. As an agriculture expert (especially with rice crops), he will fit perfectly into China and will help to ensure a food supply for the population as well as making China a world leader in agricultural exports.

Elon Musk - Musk is a prominent innovator and entrepreneur who is the CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX. His goal is to make environmentally friendly technology and space travel cheap and sustainable. He will be given substantial resources to make advancements in space exploration and clean energy technologies that will help China be decades ahead of the other nations in terms of energy and resources.
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