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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by RapsFan
To be honest its just a hard decision. Even injured, my team is good so I can possibly survive until he comes back, and then I get to keep him. I do have very good offers but just need to figure out what to do.
Kevin Love has ranked 148 this season. It means that he has been useless.
He will rebound next season, when he is healthy, but I don't expect him to have first round value again. He was fourth overall in a talentless Wolves. Now that the team is improved he won't get the same stats again. So take the best offer you have and run.

I think I'll shop Stephen Curry, who is ranked 9 overall this season, and he will be round 2 keeper next season, and he is healthy now. Much more value in Curry than in Love, but you will probably get better offers because of the name.
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