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Default Re: Varejao to undergo surgery Thursday, out 6-8 weeks

Originally Posted by DukeDelonte13
last season he got hacked by Drew Gooden i think and broke his wrist. He could have played but was held out for precautionary (tanking) reasons. The season before he tore some ligament on the top of his foot during a practice and missed a bunch of games. Now its this weird muscle tear.

Just random weird stuff. The bright side is he always seems to bounce back from the injuries better than ever.
Similar to Kyrie, as long as his lower extremities stay uninjured, this really isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I think weird injuries just seem to go hand-and-hand with his funky playing style.

This doesn't kill the franchise or anything, but with the way Tristan has been playing in his stead and with the way he was playing prior to the injury, not trading him for young talent and/or pick(s) is looking like a potential mistake. It isn't a severe mistake, because Andy has one of the very best contracts in the entire NBA relative to his production, but it did seem like we could've gotten a nice haul for him a month ago.

On the bright side, the Cavs still have tons of young talent and one of the best cap situations in the entire NBA... With Andy or without him.

Not good news, but not exactly the end of the world either.
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