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Default Re: Would OKC be better if they kept BallSoHarden Over Westbrick

Originally Posted by TheAesirsFinest
I feel as if his play-making abilities are distorted by this season. For one, our squad is young as hell, AND they had no experience playing together. Add the facts that Harden is asked to shoulder much of the scoring burden and that our guys tend to "get out of his way" (i.e. no off the ball movement, standing on the perimeter for the best spacing possible)...

He's already making plays at a pretty high level despite all that too.
It's Harden's game to be honest. He is an iso scorer or pick and roll scorer. He is an elite scorer, prol the 5th best after Durant, Lebron, Kobe, and Melo. But a weakness of Harden is that he can be really shut down when the game slows down. When Sampson was coaching, the Rockets played pretty slow which is why both Lin and Harden struggled, because they are both athletic/high tempo players.

I think Harden is a better playmaker than Westbrook, but not a better passer, if that makes sense. They're different, for some reason they are synonymous and they are not. Harden always takes the best shot for the team and he scores at an incredibly efficient rate, while Westbrook doesn't. However, in terms of just simply setting up their team, I think Westbrook is quite clearly better, but he doesn't always get off the best shot.
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