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Default Re: ESPN 5-on-5: Kobe Bryant vs Tim Duncan

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
Having an argument doesn't mean it's not clear when the dust settles.

Someone could probably make an argument that McGrady at his peak was the most difficult (non-center) player to guard in NBA history. But in the end, no one is going to say he was. And he isn't.

exactly...and in the end no one says Duncan is better then Kobe.....

so here we are

( real talk.....I'm sure there are a small % of the fanbase that have Duncan over Kobe.....just I'm sure there are many who have Kareem over Jordan.....

but since MJ is viewed by many as the GOAT or at least better then Kareem.....the majority also views Kobe as far better then Duncan.....real talk)
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