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Default Re: Dennis Rodman's (13pts/21rebs) Incredible Defense on Shaq (1996 Playoffs)

Originally Posted by Mrofir
I can answer the fmvp question - it was a tossup between jordan and rodman imo, but there was a sequence in which rodman utterly destroyed (mental breakdown) one of the sonics players while someone was taking free throws. I can't remember who it was.. but it was at that moment, rooting hardcore against the bulls, that I realized there was no chance they would lose.

I watched the series, watched it live, watched that Bulls team in person during the regular season, so i know some of the arguments that arose at different junctures during that series and the praise given to Rodman, again after specific games.

I just wanted to hear Kobe143 make an argument, instead of blindly agreeing with someone else.

Which is basketball knowledge of the lowest order.

His argument was basically: Because everyone else, including George Karl, said so. Which is an exaggeration. I believe even Kemp got a few votes for FMVP.

I respect opinions, so long as someone is capable of backing it up with their own arguments, instead of latching on to someone else's.

I wanted to hear his breakdown, not anyone else, not even George Karl's (who, mind you, reportedly thought Melo's 37 points on 81% shooting was as impressive as Kobe's 81 points ). I don't know that i would take Karl's word as the authoritative statement on anything.

I just find it interesting that people are willing to agree with anything that fits their beliefs without backing it up in detail, preferably, their own detail. So i was calling him out.

I'm not saying i agree or disagree with the opinion, but if someone is going to make a claim like that, they ought to back it up.

I give Kobe143 a pass, because he's just a kid, but that's no way to go through life. The ability to make an argument counts for a lot.
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