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Default Re: GOAT defensive players?

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
that is happening here for sure...LT is like a mythical legend in the heads of some people but in reality Ware is bigger, faster, puts on just as much pressure if not more...probably better at run D, etc...he is certainly comparable to LT, infact Parcells compared the two when Ware was drafted

when Ware retires people will start to come around on him being in talks like this...still too early for many now

LT is not a mythical legend, i saw every game he ever played. You didn't, you're too young. I know 100% you didn't because you started pulling pass rushing stats like LT lined up in a three point stance on the line and did nothing but rush, like he was good at nothing else. There will never ever be a time when Ware is compared favorably to LT, it's utterly asinine, it's like trolling level stupid to say.

Can you be just a tiny bit fair at times? I know this is before your time too, because super homer you are and i never hear Aikman/Smith/Irvin from you and LT was good prior to those guys. If you saw those guys we'd have Aikman all time QB threads.
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