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Default Is it too late for a PS3?

I'm in college, I've been busy with my girlfriend, most of my time is being spent with her or just going to the gym, once again, with her. My social life has taken a turn and being occupied, busy, is increasing. It's been like this for 6 months now, while my XBOX is collecting dust. This is coming from someone who played it most likely every day. I use it to play COD only, like BO2.

I'm interested in selling this XBOX for about $150+ and getting or trading for a PS3 because the online is free. I am also interested in Killzone 3. I dislike the controller but I feel like the PS3 would best suite me. Should I pull the trigger, PS3 fans, what do you think? Is it worth getting a used PS3? I can only get a used one, don't want to go all out on a new console.

Sidenote: I will be playing NBA 2K13.
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