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Default Re: Gt: Okc Thunder @ Min T'wolves

Originally Posted by La Frescobaldi
At this point Westbrook is elite at just about every level. Not seeing too many weaknesses except his judgement is still off at times but all great floor generals have a tendency to burn up a lot of engines with that supercharger
Exactly, his only weakness is the "Westbrick" mode, but he has "Goatbrook" mode that makes up for it and destroys teams.

And people should stop acting like Nash/Rubio are Gods, they turn the ball over just as much as Westbrook a lot of times, they lack elite slashing and speed to make the most of their passing skills, they are much easier to stop than Westbrook. Westbrook utilizes his passing better than Nash/Rubio, he gets you wins and distorts defenses. A slow predictable ball handler that you know is just gonna pass isn't a threat to your defense. People see that now with Nash, who was supposed to be the saviour lol. And with CP3 actually being aggressive and destroying teams while Rondo pounds the ball for assists and losses.
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