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Default Re: BREAKING: Carmelo Anthony suspended one game for confronting Kevin Garnett

Originally Posted by FreezingTsmoove
Carmelo is a role model. The guy every kid looks up to in NY. I hate to bring this card up but what message does it send to these kids to wait for someone after a game to start a fight? Melo should know better. As for Perkins/ZBo I doubt many kids look up to them as a role model.

What kind of message does Rondo send to young PG's out there that you should intimidate or bump refs whenever a call doesn't go your way?

What kind of message does DMC send to the young ballers in Sac acting like a complete DBag hitting guys in the nuts or completely disrespecting your coaches?

Melo is basically giving the OK that you should wait for your rival opponent after a game to fight them.

What the **** is wrong with you? Basically Melo did what any of us would do, except we would probably just do it at the time and punch the guy in the head. His wife is gone, this guy is saying nasty things about her, he snapped and went to beat him up. That's normal human behavior. If my son asks me i'll tell him, Garnett was being a dick, he went to beat him up, and he's going to get punished for it. OMG HOW WILL THIS AFFECT HIM SEEING HIS ROLE MODEL ACT LIKE A HUMAN BEING?
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