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Default Re: If you could add one new thing to basketball, what would it be ..

Originally Posted by Mrofir
I kind of want to agree, but the only problem with this is it would strongly favor point guards that had big men who shot high ft%. Better way to implement would be to give 0.5 assists for every pass leading to FTs, so we can still determine who the best passers were independently of the teammate's ft%

Also it should be quite possible over time to catch up with the last 30 years or so I'd imagine -- re adjusting old stats

Well if a PG is smart enough to keep feeding his big man who shoots FT's well for open lay-ups, then more credit to him.

And the dependency of the assist on the player receiving the ball is already there currently as well...some PG's are lucky to have great shooters and finishers and some are not. So it'd be the same thing as that.
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