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Default Re: Nation-State Draft 3

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is obviously known for the black gold it produces. And it goes without saying that this will be our biggest export, continuing to produce 1/5 of the world's oil supply. Also a major natural gas provider we continue to power energy markets. We also have a decent amount of resources in the mineral department, including a little bit of uranium which I will get to later.

The oil and out location becomes a factor when talking about defense as well. Other countries will have to weigh the risks of endangering oil production which will directly affect themselves and may anger the rest of the world, prompting action against the offending party. We we will be all about defense, we are not a warring nation, only building armies for protection. Patton and Eisenhower have worked together before, and will take the fight toward you with well trained, hard disciplined troops (who might get slapped every now and again). Our technological advancement will also ensure top notch weaponry. And we do have the nuclear deterrent.

But as I said. It is for defense, we have no expansionist ideals, not militarily at least. Classic imperialism is a lost notion in the globalizing world. With our collection of leaders in computing, information, and entertainment we will be a cultural empire. Google and it's subsidiaries, Disney and it's subsidiaries, and Microsoft and it's subsidiaries will create a culture that can't help but be the standard. It also gives us an edge in the shirking world. With two of the leading computing/information companies we will be in control of the ever expanding market, and the distribution of a lot of information. Our citizens will be very, very happy with the entertainment they enjoy, and the high standard of living that is facilitated by advancing computing.

Along with computing we have the top scientific minds constantly pushing back the envelope of discovery. I don't need to tell you the ability of Albert E. and Max Planck. Nor should I have to tell you about their ability as a unit. If you need to know GOOGLE IT (get it? Cause I have Page?). Their ability to expand the field of science will contribute more to the cultural superiority of the state, and will have the obvious consequence of technological advancement. These two will also have the effect of creating an atmosphere of excitement for the field of science, which will encourage younger generations to enter the fields. This will continue to contribute a society that creates. Intelligence will be heavily stressed, as our state will have viable opportunities that reward those trained citizens. A well educated society will have many benefits, some of which we will touch on later.

Our economic leader is Raghuram Rajan. He is one of the most influential post crisis economists. His ideas fit perfectly with our country. Heading his advice we will avoid the easy credit that did a lot to create the crisis, and we will have a highly trained, innovative society, backed by successful entrepreneurs like Disney, Gates, and Page. This will allow government to spend less, keep taxes rolling in (due to high skill jobs being very prevalent in our society, incomes will be high as well), and allow the private sector to work to invest in that innovation. Also important is the idea that the financial sector can keep things moving forward in times of crisis. We will not patch over problems by inflating GDP, and we will not neglect the ideas of an educated, well trained workforce. The other nations discussed here have wonderful economists, but they are all outdated, and do not take globalization into effect. We do. This system is only viable with the right government though.

We have the right government. John Wilkes and James Madison are pillars of the house of democracy. Out governmental structure will be similar to the U.S. Constitution. Checks and balances. An executive, judicial, and legislative branch. Elections will be popular vote. The nation will also be split into smaller state regions, thus balancing state and local government, with central government.

Madison was instrumental in drafting the U.S. Constitution, and he will be similarly instrumental in drafting up ours. One writer noted that if we truly believed the pen to be mightier than the sword then Obama would be living in Madison DC. As a writer Madison is an icon, having "fathered" the constitution. John Wilkes is also a prolific writer, and is a necessity with this type of system with our type of culture. Wilkes is a radical journalist. Why is this important? With the advanced information technologies available to our educated citizens Wilkes, and those he influences, will be another check to government. He was a major voice in the creation of right to inform the people of the goings on of Parliament. He also fought very hard for the rights of voters to choose their representatives. Wilkes fought so hard he was almost always in trouble, and it is this type of personality we need to pave the way for informing, and upholding the ideals set forth by our Constitution.

Finally I end with our leader. President George Washington. Some might argue that as a President he accomplished less than others. And this is true, but Presidents are products of their times. What he did accomplish was being on the short list of people who created and guided the world's risky experiment, into a solid secure state. But the reason that George Washington is our President is simple. This man, along with James Madison, were successful because of their experience, and their fluidity. Washington surrounded himself with smart people, and would listen to any idea that may improve the nation. He was well aware of his own legacy and the consequences it would have, and made sure that he acted accordingly to avoid setting precedents that might someday collapse the republic DOWN THE LINE! A politician with long sight... in the 21st century globalizing world, cannot be under valued. Nor can his ability to lead. Patton can be a headache, but he will listen to someone like Washington along with just about everyone else.

His leading philosophies fit with our economic and social philosophies. We are not basking in the glory of past icons, past ideas, but are moving forward into the century of globalization. Of information. Our culture will lead the way, as well as our educators. We have a well oiled (JOKES) machine, capable of avoiding the pains other countries will feel. We have to think about our place in the world at large. And we've done that, by mixing a collection of societal leaders that can work together to create a successful, prosperous state.
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