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Originally Posted by Sarcastic
When SABR goes wrong.

Pete Rose has the most hits in the history of baseball. He's a first ballot hall of famer, if not for the betting.
Oh I'm sure he would have been. And there is a valid argument for him, I'm not saying he is a slam dunk not a hofer either. But there is a valid argument for Rose not to be in the hall even without betting which makes him a different animal then lots of these guys.

As for him leading in hits, hits by itself isnt a very important stat. Of his 4200+ hits, 3200 were singles, and 754 were doubles. He had very little power and he didn't really steal bases. I just find it funny that people discredit palmeiro as being a compiler when they want an excuse to keeP him out other than roids but ignore that Rose was the ultimate compiler
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