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Default Re: Why I'm still not sold on this team

Originally Posted by knickscity
Clutch is this your yearly "panic mode" thread?

One minute they can make the ECF, but now they can be bumped in the 1st?

Quite a few teams have had that fate happen to them, hopefully this team doesn't have it, but outside of Miami i see no worries with the others.

Definitely not this soon with almost 50 games left to play before then.
Is this my yearly panic thread ? Well yes and no.

I think we can be bumped in the 1st round pretty easily if we don't fix some of our problems. Main problem is dealing with physical play and the refs. Team just collapses way too easily and tense situations like the Celtics or Bulls game will happen regularly in the playoffs.
As good as motivator Woodson is he's not really the best x and o's guy and he's sometimes stubborn with his adjustments which could very easily cost us games in the playoffs.
Well,that's the two things I'm most worried about come playoff time,assuming we're healthy.

When healthy I think the Knicks have more talent than any other team in the East besides Miami. That's why I think they can make it to the ECF but ONLY IF they fix some of the things mentioned above.

I'm not into panic mode and I don't have a reason to be in. Knicks are 23-11,only half a game behind Miami.

This thread was created to put things in perspective. Not everything is as great as our record suggests.
Besides from the hot start the Knicks have played very much like the .500 team in the last 15 games or so.
I know we are hit by injuries but we lost some games that we should have won. Our defense has really fallen off.

We're probably going to have a homecourt advantage in the playoffs. In the worst case we'll be like 5th or 6th seed and will still avoid Miami.

But I'm not really worried about our regular season play. The thing I'm worried about is that opponents are surely watching us and clearly see that it's not that hard to beat us. Punch us and we'll fall down and never get up.
That needs to be fixed come playoff time because you won't see many blowouts in the playoffs. Every game will be tough and close so execution and mental toughness will be the key.
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